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La Semaine Paris

About La Semaine Paris
Descrizione dell’azienda

La Semaine Paris is a new direct to consumer brand based in Milan with a French soul. It is designed for modern women who are aware of their power and beauty. La Semaine Paris creates clothes with a bold design and one single goal: to make women feel “belle comme le jour” all day, every day of the week.

As a direct to consumer brand, La Semaine Paris is able to offer an extraordinary value for money to its costumers and to create a direct link with its community: we want to be with our costumers in every step of their journey. Therefore, to bring the best possible quality at a fair price, we cut the unnecessary steps.

For us value means uniqueness. Our garments are made with craftsmanship and the best quality. We choose our suppliers carefully and have direct control on our production. For us quality is the keyword.

We have no boundaries: La Semaine Paris is not only about trends, about fashion, it’s a group of women around the world sharing the same tastes and values.