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JEBV - Junior Enterprise Business Verona

Management consulting
About JEBV - Junior Enterprise Business Verona
Descrizione dell’azienda

JEBV - Junior Enterprise Business Verona is a no-profit organization with headquarter based in Verona (Italy) and it's composed and run exclusively by universities students, which provide high quality services for companies and institution.

Our main goal is to deliver high-quality projects to the market, developing the entrepreneurial mindset of our members with new challenges. We constantly seek highly personalised solutions for our clients who need support services in corporate management, IT, marketing and communication.

Our corebusiness services are, for example, marketing consultations, marketing plans, communication strategies, advertising campaigns and social media marketing.

JEBV is part of JE Italy, a National Network that includes 21 Junior Enterprises in Italy and around 330 Junior Enterprises at European level, with more than 28,000 student-consultants belonging to the JE Italy confederation.