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Talents on Duing compete to solve real challenges from the coolest companies to get dream jobs, gain experience and win prizes

How does Duing works?
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Find great job by showing your skills

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Every time you take a challenge, our community managers team will review it: they will help you make sure your work meets the brief and the company’s requirements

Enrich your CV with brands’ certificates

Every time you participate or win, the company releases an offical certificate for you

Learn from your peers

Get in touch with other talents. Browse other profiles, talk to them and team up to solve the hardest challenges

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Become our next Talent of the Month and share your story with the world!

Receive feedback from companies

We work hard to ensure that every participant gets feedback and learnings on his submissions by brand managers, directors and innovation experts

Work and win everywhere in the world

Because Duing is reinventing  the relationship between talents and companies, we ensure to transfer your prizes directly to your account

Endless opportunities.
2 types of challenges.
  • You can win different prizes: cash, products and experience
  • You co-create with companies by solving their daily task
  • You get a certificate that will enrich your CV
  • You get a taste of what it means to work for a specific company
Project work challenge
  • You can show your skills and be selected for a final interview with the company
  • You get hired on performance and not just based on the CV
  • You will always get a feedback about your work
Recruiting challenge
Say goodbye to…
  • Boring cover letters
  • Endless waitings for feedback
  • Mysterious job descriptions