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DJL #5 - Carrefour

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The objective of the challenge is to leverage effective communication media, to boost core commercial initiatives of a national, multiformat grocery retailer, with specifical referral to physical stores (online business is out of scope for this challenge).


In the italian scenario of Grocery Modern Trade, the main communication media for commercial initiatives is always been the classical paper flyer (the so-called “volantino”). So, it would sound that the current market is not so different from the ’80s, and it sounds quite weird (without any reference to brand positioning communication, that leverages other media as TV, digital, PR and so on).

The salesmen's "nose" still prevails: “we really need a strong flyer! We cannot boost sales without it”. Despite this, no solid researches or scientific evidences are actually available to validate this practice. So, for several years retailers’ Marketing Departments have been wondering whether the effectiveness and performance of this “old school" media are still valid to support trade.

Besides that, the part of marketing budget dedicated to paper flyers is enormous (quite 50%), and we all know that the massive paper use is not so CSR friendly.


a) The recent Covid-19 crisis has forced all the grocery retailers to stop the print and distribution of paper flyers, for obvious pragmatic reasons: 1) no consumers’ freedom to frequent supermarkets with usual habits (frequency, proximity and store access were been imposed by rules and virus fear), 2) no commercial benefit in promotions communication.  But… the show kept going.

b) Other media have been used during the crisis (Radio, TV, and primarily Digital assets).

c) The relation “Physical Stores - Physical Media (paper flyers)” no longer seems true, or at least not the only one possible or the most efficient.

d) What about italian consumers’ habits after the Covid crisis? They will never be the same again…


Carrefour Italia, con una cifra d'affari pari a 5,26 Mld euro (2018), opera su tutto il territorio nazionale con 1.077 punti vendita suddivisi in: 49 Ipermercati Carrefour, 385 Carrefour Market (di cui 205 diretti e 180 franchising), 630 punti vendita di prossimità Carrefour Express (di cui 185 diretti e 445 franchising) e 13 Cash and Carry (Docks Market e GrossIper). Presente in 18 regioni italiane, impiega oltre 17.000 Collaboratrici e Collaboratori. A partire dal 2018, ha implementato il programma “Act for food”, lanciato a livello di Gruppo, con l'obiettivo di diventare leader mondiale nella transizione alimentare. I focus del programma sono: controllo delle filiere anche attraverso la tecnologia blockchain, maggiore accessibilità al biologico per tutti, difesa dei piccoli produttori locali, servizi efficienti e innovativi e valorizzazione delle eccellenze enogastronomiche di tutto il territorio italiano. Carrefour Italia ha inoltre sviluppato, ad oggi, una gamma di prodotti a marchio con oltre 3.000 referenze, coprendo in tal modo tutte le categorie merceologiche. In un'ottica di differenziazione e di sempre maggiore attenzione alla qualità, alla convenienza e alla completezza dell’offerta, Carrefour Italia ha sviluppato alcuni servizi extra core business quali, ad esempio, 24 stazioni di carburante e 5 autolavaggi gestiti dal Gruppo.

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Top 3 teams will present in front of Carrefour Management. 

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