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Discover talents before anyone else. Engage, connect and recruit.
How does Duing works?
Dive Into the Company
Step 1: Dive Into the Company

We shoot pictures and videos with your employees to open the company's doors in the most authentic and effective way

Absorbe the Culture
Step 2: Absorbe the Culture

We develop a personalized page to reflect your corporate culture and your working environment

Attract Talents
Step 3: Attract Talents

You will have access to the Duing Kit to publish job offers and assess talents with challenges

Be There or Be Square
Step 4: Be There or Be Square

Keep launching new challenges to strengthen your relationship with young talents

We are a media and HR tech company with the goal of reinventing and humanizing the relationship between talents & companies
Ideas at your fingertips

Duing allows you to reach new perspectives, innovative solutions and fresh content involving the best talents and your communities

Positive recruiting experience

Make the most out of duing platform: fresh up your recruiting experience and present your company as the best place to work 

Employer branding

The challenge allows you to deal with motivated young minds. You can show the world what’s the magic inside your company


Everyone in your team can access the dashboard, launch a challenge or review the outputs. Connection with young people has never been so easy!

  • Insight, ideas, trends and contents
  • Real engagement
  • Effective employer branding
  • Bonding with communities
Project work challenge
Project work challenge
  • Hire on performance not on CV
  • Create a positive candidate experience
  • Deal just with motivated candidates
Recruiting challenge
Recruiting challenge